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A hand-drawn client-side world map with biomes, structures, waypoints, and less!
A rewrite of Antique Atlas by Hunternif, as continued by Kenkron, asie, and tyra314.
Utilizes Surveyor Map Framework. Requires Connector and FFAPI on forge.
Colloquially: Tinkerer's Atlas / antique-atlas

Press [M] at any time to bring up the world map.

Drag the map to pan, scroll to zoom, and use the bookmark buttons to create, remove, or hide waypoints.

Basic Features

  • The map is rendered using hand-drawn "tiles" representing terrain, biomes, and structures.
  • At their smallest, tiles represent an entire chunk - no peeking for resources or player bases!
  • Totally server-optional - installing AA (or just surveyor) on the server enables structures and sharing.
  • Structures only appear on the map after you've stood in or looked at them in-game:

structure discovery

  • Markers for waypoints come in a variety of styles:

marker styles

  • Markers are automatically added for notable structures, player graves, and active nether portals:

structure markers

  • Map exploration can be shared with /surveyor share [player], also revealing their position on the map:

map sharing

  • All of the above is data-driven using resource packs.

Stylized Design

Antique Atlas is designed to feel like your own explorer's memory, or a permanent journal.

  • You can only see what you've seen before.
  • You can't "lose" your map in any way.
  • Flavour text is written subjectively:

grave style euphemisms

Don't Play the Map

Antique Atlas is designed to keep your focus on your surroundings, not the map.

  • The best view of the world is in-game - not the atlas!
  • The atlas stays on its own easily-accessible screen, no distracting minimap.
  • If you're always using your map as a compass, try PicoHUD as well.


Antique Atlas can be configured from config/antique-atlas.toml

fullscreen can be disabled to lock the size of the map screen based on your GUI scale.
mapScale can be adjusted to change the effective GUI scale of the tiles on the map.
structureMarkers can be edited to toggle markers for structures - this is automatically populated from the respack.
graveStyle will change the icon and tooltip for player graves - try each out to suit your pack's aesthetics.

Resource Packs

For more information, check out the resource pack tutorial.

By default, Antique Atlas will use biome tags to approximate a builtin texture for any modded biomes.

To improve this, add namespace/atlas/biome/path.json with { "parent": "minecraft:biome" } or custom texturing.

Structures can be similarly tiled or marked - provided you're familiar with each type of structure identifier.

Tile textures are loaded from textures/atlas/tile and use an autotile-like format.
You can also add an mcmeta file to adjust which other textures should "connect" and vice-versa.


Marker textures are loaded from textures/atlas/marker and are 32x32 by default.
You can similarly add an mcmceta file to adjust size, offsets, and any custom mip levels.
To add a player-placeable marker, put the texture in the custom/ subfolder.

To automatically mark a non-structure point of interest, use Surveyor's Landmark API - Like in Surveystones.

Textures for landmark types will be used automatically when named namespace/textures/atlas/marker/landmark/type/path.png.

Version History

This is a loveletter rewrite - we want to revitalize interest in antique atlas, and make it easier for others to maintain and add to.

0.x uses arch, keeps the original antiqueatlas ID, and should be save/network/API-compatible with tyra's port, sans the atlas item.

1.x uses fabric, and is API-incompatible with 0.x.

2.x uses fabric and Surveyor - and is save, API, network, and respack-incompatible with older versions.
When upgrading to 2.x, map exploration and markers will be cleared - downgrade and take notes if needed!


All mods are built on the work of many others.

The art for antique atlas was created by Hunternif (DA) and lumiscosity (Neocities).
Click here for detailed art credit.

This mod is a fourth-gen rewrite, and relies heavily on contributions of many developers and artists before us.
We can't draw autotile to save our lives - feel free to contribute!

This mod is included in Tinkerer's Quilt Plus - our modpack about rediscovering vanilla.

We're open to suggestions for how to implement stuff better - if you see something wonky and have an idea - let us know.

Tinkerer's: Quilt - Smithing - Origins - Statures - HUD
Loveletters: Tabs - Atlas - Portable Crafting - Drogstyle
Others: Switchy - Crunchy - Starcaller

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