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Tinkerer's Smithing

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A sentimental and convenient rebalance of gear crafting, repair, enchanting, and smithing.

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A sentimental and convenient rebalance of gear crafting, repair, enchanting, and smithing.
Satisfying to use, but fits nicely with vanilla.

This mod:

  • Removes the XP and work cost of (enchantment-safe) unit repair for gear - Simply use a smithing table.
    • Also adds convenient unit repair to stone and wooden tools in any crafting grid.
  • Adds enchantment-safe upgrade paths for gear to encourage more experimentation, and "Sentimental Gear".
    • Upgrade iron gear (ex. chestplates/leggings) to diamond gear at the smithing table.
    • For convenience, upgrade wood and stone tools right from the crafting table.
    • Sacrifice any piece of netherite gear at a smithing table to upgrade gold gear to netherite.
  • Adds a way to recover "overworked"/"too expensive" enchanted gear using netherite scrap at a smtihing table.
    • Lowers the cost of future anvil operations - as if you'd worked with it one less time.

It requires NBT Crafting, and we recommend EMI, Inventory Tabs, and Inspecio to improve the experience.

If you'd prefer the datapack version for any reason, you can download it from the repo (Direct Download Link)


Design - The Mending Problem

The best gear in vanilla is made by repeatedly un-enchanting gear and enchanting it until the player gets good RNG, then finishing it off with a couple of books (especially mending). Any other method gives an immensely worse result due to repairCost/'Prior Work'. This punishes the player substantially for slowly improving gear.

Even repair inflicts prior work - rushing a mending villager is the only solution. This ruins the idea of having "sentimental" gear you improve and maintain over time. Finding mending villagers is also immensely boring - but the XP cost is too punishing otherwise.

To combat this, TSmithing introduces work-free unit repair, "de-working" with netherite, and material-upgrading.

Design - Progression Changes

Here are a few side effects of the mod on the progression of the game (For map-makers and those curious)

  • Obsidian / Ancient Debris can be mined after obtaining one diamond (now it's always exciting)
  • There are three alternative methods to obtaining endgame gear (from reroll RNG+Mending)
    • Early game gear can be gradually combined with books, other gear, and netherite scrap.
    • Golden treasure gear can be combined and sacrificially upgraded to netherite (finally, it's useful)
    • Enchanted gear including iron can be bought from villagers and combined, then upgraded.
  • Netherite gear can be exchanged for other netherite gear - at the cost of enchantments/durability.

Design - Cost in Minecraft


  • Repairing wooden/stone tools from 0 to full costs the same as a fresh tool. 1 unit repairs 1/3 of a pickaxe.
  • Repairing other gear uses anvil balancing - One unit repairs 25% no matter what.


  • Upgrading wooden/stone tools costs the same units as the fresh tool.
    • As a convenience cost, damage to the tool will be "passed on" to the new tool - as if left in the handle.
  • Upgrading other tiers of gear costs only one unit. However, it leverages above repair mechanics:
    • Gear other than shovels need unit repairs afterwards - Swords need one, axes need two, etc.

Sacrificial Upgrading

Upgrading to netherite from gold utilizes specially-designed 'sacrificial diamond' logic.

  • Upgrades cost one piece of netherite gear as 'sacrificial gear'.
  • Any sacrificial gear is considered to have the full netherite ingot inside for the upgrade from diamond.
  • The sacrifice is broken into 'sacrificial diamonds' based on unit cost and durability.
    • A full durability chestplate is worth 8 diamonds, a 1/5 durability helmet is worth 1 diamond.
  • The resulting gear's durability is relative to its own unit cost.
    • 1 sacrificial diamond will give a 1/2 durability sword, or a 1/3 durability pickaxe.
    • all gear types can be used as sacrifice, but some are very wasteful.


As gold and iron have higher enchantability than their upgrade tiers, it's possible to use the better RNG to enchant fresh gold gear, then upgrade it to avoid the normally limited durability.

Tinkerer's smithing mitigates this imbalance by making it only possible to upgrade gold straight to netherite. The enchantability gap between the two is smaller, and the netherite used could have been spent de-working gear four times!

Further Info

All modding projects are built on the work of many others.

We made this mod for Tinkerer's Quilt! Our modpack about rediscovering vanilla gameplay.

Textures shown include xali's books, Sully's Peeves and Vanilla Tweaks' degrading tools

We're primarily modpack developers - not mod developers! If you want to port this mod, do it yourself!

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