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Legacy Console Experience is a modpack made to bring back that old feeling of turning on you xbox 360 and inserting the minecraft disc in it(although it isn't an exact replica) by mimicking the user interface, textures, sounds and that sort of stuff, enjoy!

But wait there's still stuff missing as i couldn't find anything to replicate it with:

  • Crafting menu's still missing as i cannot find anything to edit it with
  • World creation screen in 1.19.4, because the changes made to it don't allow fancymenu support at the same level
  • The gamma( the shader is there, it's just disabled by default because it destroys fps)
  • 1 to 1 recreation because there needed to be a lot of cut corners to fit fancymenu
  • The elytra roll, because the Cool Elytra Mod isn't updated to 1.19.4

Resourcepack list(and shader too ig)

catplusdog by RufusDragon

Programmer Art + by Cracker0106

Legacy Edition by lyann

CPHSBC (not ON by default btw) by CrushedPixel


Bedrockify by juancarloscp52 & lonefelidae16

Bedrock Skin Utility by Camotoy

Bedrock Waters by 2Retr0

Cloth config by shedaniel

C2M Engine by RelativityMC & ishland

Console Sounds by hattolo (or Hattozo) and updated by S-N00B-1

Drippy loading screen, Fancymenu, Konkrete and LoadMyResources by Keksuccino

Entity texture Features by Traben

EntityCulling Fabric by tr7zw

Essential Mod by Spark Universe

Fabric API by FabricMC

Ferrite Core by malte0811

Iris by coderbot, IMS212, Justsnoopy30 & FoundationGames

Krypton by tuxed

LEM Client Helper by kyrptonaught

Lithium by JellySquid & 2No2Name

Memory Leak Fix by FX - PR0CESS

Midnight Controls by LambdAurora, Motschen

Mod menu by Prospector, haykam821 & TerraformersMC

No Chat reports by Aizistral

Old Potions by Abbie

Raised by yurisuika

Sodium by JellySquid & maintained by IMS212 & Burger individual

Starlight by Spottedleaf


(please don't bother them about it)

For now there's only battle and it's a closed alpha but i think this modpack (1.19.4 only) is compatible with the server for more info about the server read here:

not what you were looking for?

you could also try Console Idated from N00B

Tutorial world can run at a stable 50-60 fps on an i5-7000 w/integrated graphics card though it's a bit laggy in there so it should probably have more fps on other worlds

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