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Enhance current Vanilla Minecraft with

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Vanilla Enhance is a fabric modpack that focuses on enhancing current vanilla minecraft with various structures, tons of biomes, even deeper caves (bellow Y: -64), and much more to make minecraft more challenging and more exciting to play and explore.


World Generation

Vanilla Enhance overhauled the minecraft world generation to make it more immersive. Thanks to Terralith adds almost 100 new biomes to explore. Geophilic, Hearths, Stony Cliffs Are Cool enhancing almost all vanilla overworld/nether biome.

Structures & Dungeons

Vanilla Enhance add varies of structure and dungeon with Additional Structures, Explorify, Moog's Voyager Structures, Roguelike Dungeons, Wabi-Sabi Structures, and much more!

Also try to find a Tavern from Dungeons and Taverns, trade with tavern quest trader to get the map that lead to rare dungeon or structure.

Abyssal Cave

Want a new challenges and an overall different way of experiencing PvE?, let's go to the deep of the world!. Not bellow Y: 0 or even deep dark, but bellow Y: -64. Yup, with Infinity Cave, there is a new cave system beneath the bedrock layer increasing the deep height until Y: -128. In these cave, regular Minecraft mobs do not spawn. Instead, there is a custom mob-spawning system which is very difficult compared to normal mobs.

If you planning to explore these cave, i recommend you to explore on later stages of the game when you already have an enchanted diamond armor and weapons.

Qualty of Life

Vanilla Enhance also brings some QoL features such as Waystones to make traveling the world much easier, Nature Compass to locate biomes anywhere in the world, Explorer's Compass to locate structures anywhere in the world (*some rare structures are blacklisted to make the game more balance and encourage the player to read the map to find the structure), and much more.

Optimization and Built-in Shaders

Vanilla Enhance is bundled with Optimization mods such as Sodium, Lithium, ImmediatelyFast, ModernFix, Noisium, C2ME, etc.

It also came with Built-in Shaders support such as Complementary Reimagined and MakeUp - Ultra Fast. You can also install another shaders that you like.

Minimap and World Map

Xaero's Minimap and Xaero's World Map Adds a minimap and a full screen world map which shows you what you have explored in the world.


Below this are credits for all resources obtained outside Modrinth.


Resource Packs

This modpack have 200+ Mods (We recommend you to allocated 6GB of RAM to play this modpack, but the minimum is 4GB)

OLD Description | Vanilla Enhance (Trails & Tales) v20
Enhance the boring Minecraft Vanilla with

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Vanilla Enhance is a Fabric Modpack that focuses on enhancing the empty and plains current Vanilla Minecraft. This modpack adds various Structures, Bosses, and Overhauled Advancements to make Minecraft more challenging and fun to explore

Main Features


Mods and Resource Packs Credits

Below this are credits for Mods and Resource Packs obtained from Curseforge, that currently isn't available in Modrinth.


Resource Packs

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