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To install OptiPack, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.


QOL Optimisation Pack

OptiPack has long been a private pack of mods I have collected for my friends, most of whom play Minecraft on computers with processing power rivaling that of a potato (looking at you Wulfian!)

It is a pack that has been fine-tuned to fit our play style. I started making the pack as I wanted my friends to use the Fabric mod launcher, but still have all the features of OptiFine, but overtime was expanded to have other mods that would improve our gameplay experience, and deal with common gripes and problems we would encounter with the base game.


c - Zoom
o - Manage Shaders
F4 - Custom HUD (Alternate/Better F3 Screen)
Left Alt - Pick tool
Right Alt - Toggle Freecam
End - Death Log

Helpful Saved Hotbars

Saved Hotbar

List of Mods

Mods not yet on 1.19

  • Seamless Loading Screen

Optimisation Mods

C2ME - A Fabric mod designed to improve the chunk performance of Minecraft.
Continuity - A Fabric mod that allows for efficient connected textures.
Cull Less Leaves - Cull leaves while looking hot!
Dynamic FPS - Improve performance when Minecraft is in the background.
EBE - Reduce FPS lag with block entities, as well as customize them with resource packs.
Entity Collision FPS Fix - Client Side mod that optimizes entities on the render thread.
FeyTweaks - Mod for optimizing signs and beacons.
Krypton - A mod to optimize the Minecraft networking stack.
LazyDFU - Makes the game boot faster by deferring non-essential initialization.
Lithium - No-compromises game logic/server optimization mod.
Sodium - Modern rendering engine and client-side optimization mod for Minecraft.

  • Indium - Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo.
  • Reeses Options - Alternative Options Menu for Sodium.
  • Sodium Extra - Features that shouldn't be in Sodium.

Starlight - Rewrites the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors.

Quality of Life Mods

Auth Me - Authenticate yourself and re-validate your session.
CustomHUD - A highly customizable variable-based text hud.
Deathlog - Keeps track of the many embarrassing times you died.
Freecam - A simple, standalone freecam mod for Minecraft. (Modrinth compliance edition)
Iris - A modern shaders mod for Minecraft intended to be compatible with existing OptiFine shader packs.
Kappa - Adds OptiFine capes to snapshots...
LambdaBetterGrass - A Minecraft mod which adds better grass and snow to the game.
LambDynLights - A dynamic lights mod for Fabric.
MidnightControls - Adds controller support and enhanced controls overall.
ModMenu - Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed.
No Chat Reports - Makes chat unreportable (where possible).
Pick Block Pro - An advanced client side Block, Entity, NBT, Tool and ID picker (Fabric).
Quickcraft - Craft recipes even faster!.
Seamless Loading Screen - Takes a screenshot of the game when you leave a world or server, and displays it when you rejoin it.
Tooltip Tweaks - New, improved, and configurable tooltips.
Zoomify - A zoom mod with infinite customizability.

Library Mods

Fabric API - Lightweight and modular API providing common hooks and intercompatibility measures utilized by mods using the Fabric toolchain.
Fabric Language Kotlin - Enables usage of the Kotlin programming language for Fabric mods.
YetAnotherConfigLib - A builder-based configuration library for Minecraft.


I am not very sure how a modpack is meant to be licensed. I didn't make any of these mods, but I guess my particular configuration can be licensed? IDK. Each mod has it's own license, which can be found with the provided links above. As for my particular configuration, saved in this modpack, I just went with unlicense.