"Simple" modpack aiming comfortable gameplay with gorgeous performances

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Special note from the author

I gave my best to make this modpack, if you are a creator and have any legal concern about your creation, please reach me directly, I'll be happy to answer in the quickest way I can. DO NOT RUSH AN OFFENSIVE POSITION, THERE ARE PEACEFUL MEANS I'M READY TO DISCUSS WITH YOU.

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"Simple" modpack I used to play with, frequently updated with quick support (^ w ^)

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  • Hit 5k the 08/11/23 (Well, funny enough but there is a discord now)
  • Hit 4k the 08/05/23 ('tis too much)
  • Hit 3k the 07/30/23
  • Hit 2k the 07/17/23 (I was here at 5:20AM)
  • Hit 1k (you crazy people 🤍) the 05/19/23
  • Hit 500 downloads the 05/02/23
  • Hit 300 downloads the 04/01/23 🐟
  • Hit 200 downloads the 12/10/22
  • Hit 100 downloads the 07/17/22

Since class is back in town, I may update less often, but worry not, I'm still here !


Common-Sense is an optimization and user-friendly modpack purposing a whole new experience of vanilla gameplay

Mate, it's almost 120 mods in there and you dare call it vanilla 🙄

Now based on Fabulously Optimized, Common-Sense will also try to make you discover new little mods that add great features such as:

Feel free to report any bug to the creator¹, even for the most awkward question, there are no dumb questions as long as it makes sense to ask!

Even if this is a little modpack, all your suggestions for embellishing the page/improve the pack are also welcome ^^

Pro Tips : It is better to play without resourcepacks, you may enjoy better both shaders and visual effects


  • You are allowed to use, edit, repost and share copies of this modpack as long as the original is mentioned ✅

  • It is STRONGLY recommended to play with Quilt, the modpack has been designed with

  • The creator is allowed to ignore or don't execute requests if the asker seems to be hostile, I will serve you the way you're serving me

  • Repeating, but don't ask for mod devs support for this modpack, some mods have been edited to be playable with Quilt

  • This modpack is designed to play with friends/on highly tolerant servers, as always, here's a reminder

The modpack has been set up to be compatible with the rules of "most" public third-party servers, but it is your responsibility to verify whether you are allowed to use it or not. By installing this modpack you agree that the modpack author, the mod developers and Mojang provide no warranties for using this modpack, every action you do with it is your own.

¹ : The creator (craftish37) and only the creator. No support will be held by any other party

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