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Innovation Timespace 5

Kitchen Sink Modpack, mostly focused on tech mods


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To install Innovation Timespace 5, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

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Innovation Timespace 5

Innovation Timespace 5 is an iteration on the tech-based kitchen-sink formula for an unstable pile of mods that's hopefully still fun to play with.

This modpack is still in its early stages. Expect bugs, sometimes crashing, and sometimes needing to generate new terrain when new world-gen is added.

This pack will be updated when I have the time, which may not be too often, but it should happen from time to time.


This modpack uses Xaero's Minimap & Xaero's World Map. If you would prefer to use a different minimap mod, here are links to their project pages:

Known Issues

  • YIGD Graves show up as Gray Dust from Chromatic Currents but are still usable by SHIFT-RIGHT-CLICK. #1 [Seems to be fixed now.]
  • Wired Redstone doesn't have any recipes. #2 [Fixed in v0.1.7]
  • When updating from v0.1.1 to v0.1.2, ATLauncher doesn't remove the old version of Create, resulting in two create mods being installed, which doesn't work. This can be fixed by opening the instance's folder (from the Open Folder button) and deleting the mods folder. Then you click the arrow next to Edit Instance and click Reinstall. Don't worry, ATLauncher caches the mods for you so you don't need to worry about re-downloading everything.
  • When updating to v0.1.4, ATLauncher won't remove the old Architectury API jar correctly either. This can be fixed the same way as with Create.

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